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Dubai Rheumatologist recommends 10 Tips to beat Arthritis Pain

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Though there are innumerable medicines to help manage pain in arthritis, the occasional flare-up can be especially painful. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, for a healthier, pain-free life:


Though the idea of stretching with pain may sound unbearable, the activity will leave you feeling much better. Try to stretch your joints each day to the extent that you don’t feel pain. A therapist can help tailor a stretching program for you. If you are feeling exceptionally stiff in the morning, as compared to other times of the day, begin the day with a warm shower to loosen up the joints and then proceed with your stretching plan.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is key to keeping joint pain at bay. It also promotes increased levels of energy and leaves you feeling happy. Experts advise that patients should engage in walking, cycling, swimming or light weight training at least three times a week for about 30 minutes. To ensure that the exercise of your choice is compatible with the severity of your arthritis, chalk out a shorter duration of exercise time and see how you feel about it.

However, exercise should be avoided completely when the joints are inflamed. High impact exercises such as running and jumping are not recommended for those with arthritis.


The importance of rest cannot be underestimated, especially when you are in pain. Taking a break can relax your mind, ease painful joints, and reduce the fatigue that is often associated with the pain.

Avoid pressure

When you know that a particular joint is affected by arthritis, reduce the level of pressure on it. Incorrect lifting, sudden movements or lack of stretching exercises are potentially harmful for the joints and should be avoided. Instead of handling heavy objects opt to slide the object along to its destination, use your shoulder to open the door rather than your hand, hold books in the palm of your hand or place them on a table, and bend your knees when lifting a heavy object instead of putting pressure on your back.

Heat and Relaxation

Moist heat, in particular, tends to penetrate well and provides relief from arthritis pain by relaxing the joints. Taking a warm bath or shower, soaking your hands in warm water are all effective ways of obtaining moist heat. Ten to fifteen minute applications of moist heating pads are another option for pain relief.

Hot Wax

If you have pain in the joints of hands and feet, a hot wax bath can ease inflammation. This can work better than a heating pad because the heat works its way around the fingers and toes.

Use Support

A cane, walker or knee brace can take up to 20% of your body weight off your legs, hips, knees and ankles – and can reduce your joint pain significantly. So don’t look at it as a symbol of disability.

Weight Management

Being overweight can lead to additional stress on your weight-bearing joints like the knees, back and hips. Studies have shown that fat tissue may produce chemicals that can increase joint inflammation, thereby amplifying arthritis pain. Seek your Doctor’s help in drafting the best exercise and nutritional plan for weight loss.

Use Special Tools

Certain types of equipment like pens, knives, can-openers, zipper pulls etc., can help make everyday tasks less painful. Ergonomically designed kitchen tools such as knives with large handles, and large drawer pulls can make life easy. So invest in these gadgets to reduce the routine pressure on your joints.

Plan your daily activities ahead

It is difficult to predict when a flare-up may occur or when exactly your joints will become stiff and swollen – so planning is key to coping with them. Break chores into smaller sub-tasks, take regular breaks while doing work, and be aware of how much physical exertion your body can handle. In fact, you can even break down your stipulated 30 minutes of daily exercise to three 10 minute increments throughout the day.

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This web site is run by an Arthritis Specialist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On this site you will find news about the latest in arthritis, information about research results in the field, tips and information and diet and exercise, and much more.


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